Hey!  I'm Tiffany and I'm a product designer born and raised in Southern California now based in San Francisco.

With a background in studio art and over eight years of experience in graphic design and branding—visual storytelling is my specialty.  Over the years I’ve worked on projects with a strong graphic design emphasis and realized I wanted my designs to not only be visually aesthetic but also useful/functional. With this realization, I’ve shifted over to working with early stage startups to build their products meanwhile continuing to work with small companies and businesses to build their brands.

I am fascinated by the application of art to deliver and receive emotion.  My design process revolves around understanding the user experience and then creating a story for the product—making the experience emotional and connected. 

To design, is to feel.
To feel, is to be human.

That is why I design.




  • Tasting all the food there is to discover

  • At the gym [so I can eat all the food I do]

  • Traveling/exploring cities and the nature around them

  • Taking photos—of everything

  • Enjoying/dancing to Alt RnB/Soul, throwback hiphop & RnB

  • Draking. Just kidding. But Drake everything. & Jhené everything.

  • Drooling over clean, minimal architecture & interior spaces

  • Appreciating (and perhaps practicing) lettering and urban art; my favorite letterers/artists are @jennetliaw, @draw_ul, and @hueman_ (all on IG)

  • Driving; I love driving, and I love/appreciate cars of all forms